Used Car Maintenance

Oiling, replacing air filters, refueling, pumping or deflating tires to increase or decrease air pressure are maintenance activities to be often carried out on our used cars. Let us take each of them in detail.

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Oil Change

To change the oil in your used car, you have to get under the car and use a wrench to unfasten the drain plug (the plug is there in place to prevent oil leakages). Make sure there is a pan to collect the oil once it starts dripping so that you do not pollute the environment. Also, do not just drain the oil; change the oil filter too.

Again, when you get this unscrewed, a pan should be in place to collect some oil that might drip out. Car Stop recommends checking what the oil laws are in your area so that you do not break them and get fined for environmental pollution.

Replacement of Tires

Run a check on your tires after every journey. Either replace them if they have been in use for a while before that journey or pump in more air to meet the required psi recommended as appropriate tire pressure for your used car.

Change Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers get cranky and they deserve a change from time to time especially after successive strong winds. To replace both windshield wipers, all you need to do is to unhinge the wiper blades from the wiper arms and then, fix the new wiper blades to the wiper arms. This is very easy to do.

Car Stop needs to remind you that hatchbacks and similar used cars have a third windshield wiper at the back and should be replaced too.

Change Air Filters

Air filters help your engine function at a top-notch level and also prevent bad air from flowing around your engine and cabin. It is located in the trunk and you need to pop the trunk of your used car and locate it in a black plastic box; if you cannot find it there though, the manual of your used car will tell you where you can find it in the engine bay. Once located, take away the old one and place it in the new.

If you are in need of a professional to handle all these tasks, Car Stop is the Arlington Used Car Dealership which has the capacity to maintain your used car at affordable rates. Stop by at 6021 South Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76001 or call us on 817-587-6818 and 817-467-4894.

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