Have You Heard These 7 Common Car Noises?

Cars make a variety of sounds and, for the most part, they are pleasant enough. However, it can be particularly jarring to hear a sound that doesn’t belong. Like a broken instrument in an otherwise flawless symphony, a piece not working in concert with the rest of the vehicle tends to make an awful lot of noise.

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Many of these sounds can be indicators of trouble. Let’s take a look at a few common problem noises and what they might mean:

“Finger-snapping” or Clicking When Turning

If you hear this sound while turning but it abruptly stops when driving straight, this could be a sign that your axle needs replacing. This occurs in front-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.

Rhythmic Squeaking Upon Acceleration

This can be caused by a faulty universal joint, which is a pair of components found in the driveshaft. This occurs in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.

“Coin in the Clothes Dryer”

A sound like something rattling around at low speeds can be indicative of a loose lug nut inside a hub cap. This could be a sign of improper wheel attachment, contact a mechanic ASAP.

Squealing, Grinding or Growling Brakes

Brakes should be quiet creatures. If yours are making any of the noises listed above, it could mean your brake pads or shoes are in need of replacement. Grinding or growling is particularly bad and is indicative of an advanced problem that could impair your ability to brake.

Howling and Whining

If your vehicle sounds like a sad dog, it could mean your bearings are malfunctioning. If the sound changes as you turn left and right, the problem is likely in your front-wheel bearings. If it is gradual and steady, your rear-wheel bearings are likely to blame. If you have rear-wheel drive and acceleration makes the whine grow louder, get it fixed immediately. This could be a sign of a leaking rear differential.

Clunking or Banging Under the Hood

This is generally a sign of engine malfunction, which could be anything from valves to pistons. Go to a mechanic ASAP.

Start-Up Squeal

This is generally a sign of a faulty belt, many of which are found in a variety of components beneath the hood. While often terrifying sounding, this is often a simple and easy fix and is not generally a sign of a serious problem.

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