Get Your Car Ready for Back to School!

The back to school season is often a very busy time for parents and students alike. Given all the things you have to check off during this time, forgetting about the car can be very easy. Whether you drive the children to school yourself or have provided a car for your child to go to school with in college or high school, the car’s maintenance should be a priority to you. Here are some tips to follow to ensure the car is ready for the school year.

Back to School Car Maintenance

Under The Hood

Although it’s something that can easily be forgotten, keeping up with the regular vehicle maintenance is quite important. When you regularly maintain a car, you are saving yourself from a major fix down the road that will likely cost you a lot of money. Here, make sure that either you or the mechanic checks on the car’s critical systems. This means checking whether the crucial fluids are alright including the motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the coolant. While you are at it, also check on the battery and ensure that everything is in top shape.

The Tires

According to, when the vehicle’s tires aren’t properly inflated, you get bad gas mileage and poor handling. You can do this by using a tire gauge to look at the pressure before you start your activities. Also, ensure that the tires are roadworthy and ensue the treads are alright for the grip and safety throughout the ride.

The Car’s Lights

Lights are crucial for every car on the road. Not only do they light up the road when it’s dark, but they also act as a signaling system for communication on the road with other drivers. Since the monitoring system doesn’t have all the lights in the car, a visual inspection is always a great idea. At this point, if you see anything concerning it needs to be changed.

When you need anything fixed or inspected during the back to school season, you can trust your car with professionals. At Car Stop Texas, we handle all sort sorts of cars from used cars, vans, SUVs and even trucks. We are located at 6021 S Cooper Street in Arlington. You can also reach us at 817-587-6818 and we’ll be with you shortly.