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Chevrolet Suburban

One of the most versatile full-size SUVs is the Chevrolet Suburban. You can tow large loads, carry lots of cargo, or haul up to nine total passengers with ease. It shares the same running gear with its cousins Tahoe, Yukon, Silverado, and Sierra. When fully loaded it has the comfort and amenities to compete with Cadillac’s SUV models.

The Chevrolet Suburban has been in production longer than any other SUV, having been first introduced in 1933. Except for a production gap during World War II, it has been in continuous production. The Suburban has always been based on a station wagon styled body married to a truck chassis for strength. Four-wheel drive was only offered in later generations. The Suburban name was so popular that both Chrysler and GM sold vehicles using the same name to attach themselves to the Chevy Suburban popularity. Those imposters have come and gone, but Chevrolet’s Suburban is still found all over the world.

The first two years of production used wooden bodies, with metal bodies entering the market in 1935. The generation of Suburban that first looked much like today was started in 1948, offering 8-passenger seating and a choice of V-6 or V-8 engines. Four-wheel drive was introduced in 1957, and eventually became its own “K” model starting in the 1960s. There were also windowless Suburbans designed for the commercial market and sold through the early 1970s.

The longest Suburban generation was produced from 1973 to 1999. All were four-door versions, plus a heavy-duty trim was available during the period. Over the generation owners saw the introduction of diesel engines, fuel injection, seating for nine, anti-lock brakes, and automatic locking hubs with the four-wheel drive versions. The Suburban received a major redesign for the 1994 model year, bringing its look cleanly into the late 20th Century.

The next period from 2000-2006 was a boom for Suburban sales during the time of cheap gasoline prices and the American urge for large utility vehicles. They were offered with a choice of V-8s, automatic transmissions, additional safety equipment, more rigid body structures, and interior creature comforts such as rear-seat entertainment, leather seating, and full climate controls. Fewer changes occurred after 2006 except for changes in styling cues, and a rear plus for owners who tow with the addition of trailer sway control and powertrain braking.

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