Tire pressure changes with fall season

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As the seasons change and the weather cools in Texas, tire pressure is affected. It’s important to keep an eye out for the tire pressure light to come on because tires can dangerously decrease in pressure with a decrease in temperature. If you’re unsure of what the PSI should be, refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle.

As of September 1, 2007, the tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) was made standard among all cars sold in the United States. The TPMS triggers a warning light when tire pressure falls below a recommended PSI. If this light comes on in your Arlington Honda Accord in the fall and your last tire pressure adjustment was in the summer, it’s most likely because of decrease in temperature, as PSI falls approximately one unit per 10 degrees of Fahrenheit. Likewise, if your pressure was adjusted during the day or just after coming off the road, there may be a fall in pressure overnight. Therefore, if your TPMS light is on in the morning, consider the cool weather before panicking. Because the tires may increase in temperature while riding on the hot roads in Dallas or sitting in the sun during the day, the light may turn off. However, the tire pressure should still be checked and adjusted.

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It’s important to address the TPMS light because even though it may be a simple explanation and easy fix, it doesn’t make driving on under-inflated tires any less dangerous. Because the friction between the tires and the road is increased with under-inflation, the risk for a blown tire is also increased. Also, having a negative effect on gas mileage and a compromise in the integrity of the tires, poor handling becomes an issue. With the risk for blown tires and poor handling at hand, there is an obvious rise in the possibility for an accident. There’s no excuse to put yourself in that kind of danger–or your precious Texas Nissan Murano for that matter!

In order to avoid the triggered tire light, be sure to check your tire pressure monthly. It should be checked in the morning when the temperatures are cool and the car hasn’t been on the road, and it is during this time that it should be adjusted to the correct PSI as recommended by the owner’s manual. If you’re unsure of how to check or adjust your tires, bring your car to our Texas preowned car dealer service area and we’ll have a look at it for you. While you’re waiting, you can browse our inventory of quality TX used vehicles!

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2010 Ford F-150

Texas 2010 Ford F-150 | Irving Preowned Car Dealer

If you are looking for Bedford preowned cars or even a tough and dependable work truck, this Texas 2010 Ford F-150 might just be for you! Since its founding in 1903, Ford has continued to make some of the best and most popular American-made cars on the road today and the F-150 is no exception. This full-sized pick-up truck can fit you and your crew comfortably while meeting all of your towing needs with its V8 engine and over 300 hp. Its boosted fuel economy blows its predecessors out of the water at 14 mpg city /18 mpg highway to save you money.

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Nearly 700,000 F-150s were sold in the year 2010 and numbers don’t lie–the F-150 is a good buy. The Gran Prairie truck comes in four different models: Regular Cab, SuperCrew, SuperCab, and SVT Raptor for those who may not be hauling supplies or co-workers to and from the jobsite. The standard features for the F-150 include anti-lock brakes, side airbags, alloy wheels, trailer hitch, and a subwoofer. Depending on the preference of the previous owner, the truck can also come with optional trailer brake, power moon roof, and in-dash CD and DVD player.

From the 1948 Ford Bonus-Build to the 1992 XL, you can find even the oldest models of the American-made F-150 still driving around Texas today. The 2010 F-150 is no different and is made to last for decades to come. It is our guarantee that if you want to drive away in the legendary truck of your dreams today, we will find you Texas car financing regardless of your credit history. Contact our Irving preowned car dealer today to get started. We are proudly serving Gran Prairie, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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Preowned Specials

Texas Preowned Car Specials | TX Used Car Dealership

At Car Stop, we aim to be your last stop in the search for a better car buying experience. That’s why we offer some of the best Texas preowned car specials. Whether you’re coming from Dallas or our home town of Arlington, you’ll find just the right car for you at a price that’s impossible to beat.

Looking for a new truck? Check out the 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT we have on sale for just $12,477, or the 2012 Chevy Silverado LTZ we’ve knocked down to $28,477. Both trucks are heavy duty double-cabs, perfect for tailgating next time you want to go watch the Dallas Cowboys demolish the competition. With football season just getting started, it’s the perfect time to buy.

Texas Preowned Ford

Need something for the school run? We’ve got a selection of roomy sedans and SUVs on sale at bargain prices. Help yourself to some American power and style with a 2012 Ford Focus SEL for only $13,477 or a 2012 Ford Fusion SE for $12,977. We’re practically giving away a 2010 Chrysler Sebring Limited at $9,977, and you’ll be able to fit your kids, their friends, and all their bags in the spacious 2009 Chevrolet Traverse LS ($13,477).

Time to buy your teenage their first set of wheels? They’ll be the coolest kid around when they pull up in one of our quirky hatchbacks. We’ve got a 2013 Kia Soul ($16,477), a 2012 Nissan Juke SV ($16,977), and a very cool 2013 Hyundai Veloster ($17,977) with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. Who says luxury motoring has to leave you penniless? Come by today, and you might just drive home in a generously equipped Mercedes E-Class E350. And you’ll only pay $27,877 for the privilege.

So contact our TX used car dealership. Take a test drive and let us show you why we’re the best in Texas. We’ll find just the right preowned car for you at an incredible price! Now serving Irving, De Soto, and the Dallas surrounding areas!

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Value Your Trade

TX Value Your Trade | Texas Used Car Dealer

Do you have a car that doesn’t run like it use to or is it just time for something new? Well, look no further than Car Stop located in Arlington, Texas- a family owned dealership with over twenty years experience serving the Dallas & Fort Worth area. Here at Car Stop we prides ourselves on having knowledgeable associates and satisfying our customers from purchasing their new used car to when they bring it back for service. We also make sure our customers get the best deal by having the most-competitive prices in the area.

If you are having doubts about whether you can afford a new Dallas used car, we offer financing in-house. With over two dozen banks, credit union, and multiple lenders, we find a way to get you financing, even if you have bad credit! And you don’t even have to come in the store to be pre-approved, you can simply fill out the form online and find out if we can get you in your dream car. This feature cuts you time spent at the dealership, even though we love working with our customers, we know your time is precious, and we respect that.

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If after all that you still don’t think you can afford a new used car, well you’re in luck because we offer something called TX Value Your Trade. You can go to our website and put in your vehicle information and get the value amount for your old car before you even get to the store. It’s almost like free money for your new used car. This can help offset some of the cost for your new used car and can save you money in the long run because then you would have a reliable car to get you where you have to go. Check us out online and see what we can do for you; remember a new car can change your entire attitude about yourself, and we can help you with that! Contact our Texas used car dealer today!

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