Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Be it for assets-related purposes or just for leisure, cars are meant to be bought for either so you should consider the benefits a used car gets you. We admit there is the obvious benefit: saving costs and putting more money you would have spent back into your savings or toward another purchase/investment but how about we touch on the less obvious benefits of buying a used car?

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Little or No Depreciation

Depreciation on cars occurs once you drive it out the lot and then, continues for days, weeks, months and years. However a used car offers you the benefit of little or no devaluation because the depreciation that would have been has occurred already.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPOs)

One of the prime benefits of buying a used car is that you get 100% inspection, replacements and refurbishing at low cost. Certified Pre-Owned ensures you get the quality of a brand new car as used; there is certainly no better deal than this. And what is more? You can customize these CPOs with add-ons that suits or boosts your car taste without going red for brand new customization solutions.

Warranty and Insurance

Purchasing a new car locks you in on the available warranty on that car or in cases where the available warranty is almost gone, extended warranty kicks in for you. This helps you save money you would have expended on a warranty agreement. On the same spectrum, you get a lower priced insurance because Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance does not kick in because depreciation has already been accrued on the used car.

These are some of the benefits of buying a used car from Car Stop at 6021 South Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76001. You can get your used car by walking into our dealership or calling Sales on 817-587-6818 or 817-467-4894.

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