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Chevrolet sells an impressively wide range of vehicles, from subcompact hatchbacks to huge vans and SUVs. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced vehicle, odds are that Arlington TX, Car Stop will have something to fit your needs.

Chevrolet got its start in 1911. After William C. Durant had been ousted from General Motors, he joined forces with Swiss-born racecar driver Louis Chevrolet to found the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. The company’s first offering was the Classic Six. Introduced in 1912, this five-passenger touring sedan could top 65 mph, fast for the time. Chevrolet’s storied bowtie logo — reportedly inspired by the wallpaper of a Paris hotel room that Durant stayed at — made its first appearance in 1914.

By the mid-1950s, Chevrolet, GM’s entry-level division, had added a V8 engine, power steering and brakes, power windows and air-conditioning to its list of available features, allowing luxury for those on a tighter budget. Around this time the iconic Bel Air model — available in coupe, sedan, convertible and wagon body styles — proved very popular. The company introduced its alluring Corvette in 1953; the vehicle was the first mass-produced car with a fiberglass body.

The ’90s and the early 2000s saw the company raising the performance bar with its Corvette (notably the Z06 and, later, ZR1 variants) and reincarnated Impala SS. Chevrolet’s Silverado pickup truck and Tahoe/Suburban SUVs continued to be hits as well. By 2010, the Camaro had returned to the lineup after a seven-year hiatus.

Modern times have seen Chevrolet make significant improvements in its small and midsize car models and introduce the Volt plug-in hybrid. The latter provides a nearly 40-mile range on electric power alone, and adds to the company’s already well-rounded lineup of cars, trucks and SUVs. Though today’s marketplace is very demanding, Chevrolet seems poised to remain a power player through its affordable and innovative vehicles.

Contact our Arlington used car dealer to help find the perfect used Chevy for you. We provide sales and financing for the surrounding areas, including Dallas and Fort Worth. We strive to deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction and help you save on your next vehicle. So stop and see us for your Texas Chevrolet!

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